Tribute From Comrade Momodu Bangura (MBangs) APC Atlanta, Georgia Chapter, USA - Foday Mansaray of the Great New Jersey Chapter was A Businessman and A Politician

In life, the activities of business and politics have urged us as human beings to meet and work with some good people that we come across; the ultimate facts of science and innovation are urging the realities that human efforts move at the speed of life; which is also a sad truth, that life comes to an end with the speed of life.

Life tells us that tomorrow is not promised; which means, humans have limited time to get it all together before saying goodbye to their loved ones. 

Is life just a rogue or is it just designed to run out when humans least expect?

Foday Mansaray was a progressive Sierra Leonean with lots of ambition to help make his country right; so, he got President Koroma to ring the bell at Wall Street and help him raise awareness that Sierra Leone can be at Wall Street.(Photo: Late Foday Mansaray)

As a Mortgage Banker, he helped others had roofs over their heads; as a politician, he raised over ten thousand  dollars for the New Jersey Chapter to help the party in which he belonged - the APC regain power in 2007.

He was a strong advocate of the New Jersey Chapter, who thrived to win the 2012 APC North America Convention to be hosted in New Jersey.

Alas, the project was completed by his successors - the convention was delayed but hosted by his chapter on August 13, 2015 with a name change - APCUSA.

He maintained the Chapter’s finances while he continued to raise more funds. His position as a Financial Secretary of the New Jersey Chapter was superb.

Foday Mansaray was a fighter and a true supporter of the All People’s Congress. His support for the party was flawless; he’d always contested positions in the Party’s Diaspora branch.

He represented his chapter on a number of occasions at National level and served as a committee member in the APC North America branch.

As a gentleman, I found myself lucky to work with him when I was serving as Chairman of the National Development, Planning & Economic committee in APCNA: he will constantly call my phone to remind me of what we needed to get done, while we brain stormed the next steps for the committee to be successful.

Indeed, he was a progressive gentleman. He was a brother and a friend that will be missed.

If only life can let humans work faster than the speed of life, I will be rest assured that Foday Mansaray, a man full of great ambitions could’ve accomplished his tasks before death steals him away.

Comrade M. Bangs

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Comrade Momodu Bangura (MBangs) APC Atlanta, Georgia Chapter