Tribute from Comrade Kebbie Turay Senior, Former President APC- PA/DE & South Jersey Chapter to the Late Ambassador Foday Abu Bakarr Mansaray

A man of the people, by the People, for the People, a True Patriot, a Community Activist and an Iconic Hero is gone to join our Most High God Almighty Allah – Late Ambassador Foday Abu Bakarr Mansaray.

On behalf of my family both at home and abroad,  I  seize this unique and solemn moment to express my  sincere condolences and sympathy to the Wife of Late Ambassador Foday Mansaray,  the children and to the entire family members and in particular to the APC New Jersey  Chapter for such colossal and irreplaceable loss. The late Ambassador Foday Mansaray has been a longtime friend and a comrade.

Foday have served humanity in all aspects of life while he was alive on planet earth. He was an astute, intelligent, sober minded unassuming gentleman, a man who had utilized his might, personal affiliations and above all has helped single handedly significantly in aiding the APC Party to come to Power in 2007 parliamentary and presidential elections.(Photo: Late Foday Mansaray)

In the Diaspora late Ambassador Foday Mansaray has played big brother role in maintaining and stabilizing the peace and development at an era when this Branch was experiencing a turbulent moment prior to the 2012 Parliamentary and Presidential elections in Sierra Leone.

Our brother and a comrade have answered to the unquestionable call of our Most High God. I ask for Mercy to God Almighty Allah to please pardon our comrade where he fell short while he was on the planet earth. May Ambassador Foday Mansaray goodness on earth outweigh his shortcomings.

A true hero, a man of the people, by the people, for the people, a community activist who relentlessly and selflessly in his own unique ways served his people fervently is gone to meet his maker.

Ambassador Foday Mansaray you are gone but your earthly works will ever be remembered. May your Precious soul rest in perfect peace. Rest in peace Big brother Foday till we meet again.

Author Comrade Kebbie Turay Senior - Former President APC- PA/DE & South Jersey Chapter.

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Comrade Kebbie Turay Senior - Former President APC- PA/DE & South Jersey Chapter