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Politics Is Not About Gossiping Others.
Gossip is sometimes refers to as; “Mou-na-fee-keen” or “Gon-kossa”. Gossip! Gossip and gossip is unquestionably, not good. ...(More)

Blame It All To The SLPP – Public School In A Garbage Dump.
Suppose Pa Contractor was building a house for Pa. Kamara, and for some strange reason, Pa Contractor convinced Pa. Kamara to build his house on a garbage dump. ...(More)

Coward Scribes in the New People Tabloid
The SLPP set up a Commission of Inquiry in 2000 for what they described as an attempt to crack down on misappropriation of the country’s resources, particularly donor monies. ...(More)

Is the DREAM Team an Off-Shoot of the SLPP to dislodge the APC government?
It is apparent that from all indications the opposition SLPP is designing a systematic approach to dislodge the APC government either by covert or overt operations. ...(More)

The SLPP New People Online Must Desist and Put Away Their Party's Nemesis, Pettiness, Greed and Deception
I would like to address all Sierra Leoneans and the rest of you in the Diasporas, who are encouraging the SLPP New People online paper, too afraid to come out from the shadows as true SLPP supporters, ...(More)

Kabbah's Claims of Linage in Kambia District, has rendered its Destruction and Devastation
In retrospect of my staunch political support as an A.P.C. stalwart now in the Diaspora, and reminiscing decades ago the political atmosphere in our beloved country especially my constituency (Kambia ...(More)

Sierra Leoneans Need an Attitude of Gratitude
We Sierra Leoneans in general, I mean to all work of lives, we still have an ego that is eating our pride, self-satisfaction, smugness and dignity . We have to let it be and let it go. News Medias are ...(More)

Sierra Leone: Reconciliation without Truth and Justice is a Farce
Tears and the emotional trauma of mourning, anger, and psychological torture are now an indelible part of the families of those killed by members of the NPRC Junta when they overthrew the APC governme ...(More)
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